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USE IN MULTIPLE FOODS - Best used in Subs, Salad Dressings, Sandwiches, Wraps & Mexican Food. Can also be used in Maggi and in the preparation of Southwest Sauce.

MOST OTHER BRANDS use artificial colours, and extra salt to make their seasoning have more taste. Carpe Victus Chipotle Powder has no artificial colours or preservatives and no useless salt! It is also produced using Cyrogenic grinding, so that the product retains its original taste and flavour.

MAKE ANY FOOD TASTY - This seasoning is so fine, it can make any food tasty instantly. Either use it in cooking or as a ready made sprinkler on top of the food once it is ready.

CUSTOMISED FOR INDIAN COOKING - Keeping the Indian cooking styles in mind, this spice has been customised in the tastiest proportion.